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Free Samples

Useful free samples - free product samples of food - candy - razors - cosmetics - makeup - personal products and more. Companies are famous for giving out free samples of their products as a way of promoting them for sale. We've searched the Internet and came up with loads of free samples you can apply for. These include free beauty samples - candy samples - free food product samples - samples of coffee - perfume - free promotional samples - free manufacturer samples for make up - weight loss products - razors - facial creams - medical samples - free condom samples - cosmetics - health care samples - bath products - free hair care samples and much more. Learn even more about free samples and why they are offered by reading this article.

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Free Samples

History of Free Samples Online

Free samples are nothing new - companies have been giving them away for years. Anyone who has shopped in a grocery store, mall or strip center can attest to being offered a free sample of some kind in their lifetime. What is relatively new, is the availability of free samples online. For over a decade now - companies have rolled out thousands of product sample campaigns that can be accessed right from your home computer. This allows companies to reach millions of customers a day as apposed to the small number reached in a standard brick and mortar store. Over the past decade, the size, quality, quantity and availability of free sample offers has mirrored the economy. However, one thing has remained constant, free samples are useful for both companies and consumers.

Quantity and Purpose of Free Sample Offers

The amount of free samples currently available online is enormous and changes constantly. This is because companies are continually developing new product lines - and samples are a great way to create consumer interest or buzz for them. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding samples, is how companies can afford to give them away for free. By giving away free product samples, a manufacturer, company or sales distributor can accomplish a number of marketing tasks for that product. This includes feedback about the sample like usability, brand acceptance, price placement and more. This consumer feedback is very cost effective and extremely valuable for product research and development. Taking into account what a company receives in return for offering a free product sample - understanding why they do it becomes crystal clear.

Availability of Free Samples

Now that we know why companies offer free samples online - the next, and most obvious question would be, what kind of products are available? As previously stated, the amount is enormous and much too large to list here. However, to give you a rough idea, here are just a few examples of the sample offers that can be found on this and other freebie sites:

The list is almost endless and changes on a daily basis. Quantities, brand and item selections vary greatly as offers for samples are always in a state of flux due to demand, stock on hand and budget considerations.

Free Sample Resources

While free samples can be an exciting bounty for everyone, finding them yourself would be a daunting and time consuming task. Even with the advent of broadband connections, having to find each individual offer one by one would take most people hours, if not days. Thankfully, there are listing websites like that offer sample junkies a one stop resource for finding and applying to offers. This allows visitors to simply scroll through hundreds of pre-visited, reviewed offers and select only the ones they really want. For the true free sample addict, listing websites are a real time saver.


Finding and applying for free samples online can be a fun activity the whole family can enjoy. And since there are offers targeted at babies, kids, teens, teachers, Christians, men and women, everyone can share in the bounty. For hard core sample junkies, nothing beats coming home to a stuffed mailbox full of cool products. It's like Christmas every day of the year!

Free Samples
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