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Free Wav Files and Wav Sounds

Free wav sounds - wav files and wav file downloads. Here we list a useful roundup of free sound bites, movie wavs, wav files from television, comedy wav files and more. We also have listed and reviewed loads of the best free wav sound file sites and offers that we have personally visited, downloaded content from and enjoyed listening to online. While it's true that the wav sound genre has lost a little punch of late, we still get a real kick out of downloading and listening to free comedy wavs, free movie wavs and free TV, radio and historic wavs. You can also kick up your system audio a notch with our reviews of free wav event sounds, plus, many special wav sounds for games, birthdays, weddings, computers, web sites, background wav sounds and more. No matter what wav sound genre you're into - you'll find just the wav files you're looking for here...and for a very attractive price!

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Reel Wavs
Awesome free movie wav file site that has just been redesigned. Here you'll find loads of fresh content from movies like Austin Powers, Lord of the Rings, Shawshank Redemption and many more. Plus - they offer a movie sound of the day section that is sure to find it's way to your bookmark files.

The Daily WAV
A wav a day keeps the doc...Oop's that's apples...anyway, visit this very well done site that serves up a new and different free wav file every day for you to review and download. Subscribe to their newsletter while you're there and get a new wav file sent to your in-box on a daily basis. You can also browse their huge list of archived wav file offers which are listed on one page.

Here's a great resource for free email sounds and animations. The site offers over 250 e-mail sound files of subjects like Austin Powers, Mick Jagger, Star Trek, The Simpsons, Bugs Bunny and many more. They also serve up more then 500 animated gifs you can use to spice up your out-going email messages.

Cool Wavs
Looking for some really funny wav files to brighten up your day? This is one of the most unique and down right hilarious wav file sites we've ever come across. The reason it's so unique is that they take two or more wav files and splice them together to make outrageously funny clips. We're talking pee-your-pants funny here. Seriously, you may just fall off your chair laughing at some of these. The only drawback to the site is that it's hosted on a free web space server (FortuneCity to be exact) that can sometimes be a pain in the a** due to obtrusive ads. However, if you can get past that, we guarantee you a bucket full of deep belly laughs from this truly ingenious wav file site. Editors note: Some of the audio content here is not suitable for kids - so parents please beware. Also, you need to scroll down the page when it loads to find the site content due to FortuneCity's obtrusive ad placements.

The Unofficial Monty Python Home Page
If you're like us...(and we sure hope you're not lol)'re a nut for anything that has to do with Monty Python. Just hearing their name causes us to crack up...(and YES...We Don't Like SPAM!! lol). Here's a site dedicated to Python sound bytes. Offers are in MP3, wav and the long forgotten au format. A sampling of byte titles includes "King Arthur", "Finland", "Never be Rude to an Arab" the "P_nis" and "Sp_rm" songs and many more! The site isn't pretty, and it hasn't been updated in a while...but there are still some great Python clips here.

Free Voice Prompts for Webmasters
This free resource by voice artist Chuck Brown offers free professionally recorded voice prompt sound files in high quality MP3 format. The voice prompts are provided for use by webmasters, flash programmers, web site builders, deejays...or anyone who uses sound in their designs.

Wave Themes Home Page
If you wax for the nostalgia of old time classic wav files...this site is a must visit. You'll find loads of great free classic wav clips here. However, as with many old line free wav file sites...due to bandwidth restrictions...they have cut back on updating and online "click and listen" features. All of their free wav files are now listed for download in "Zip" obviously you will need an unzip utility. Also, they have removed many categories...again due to restrictions. Categories that are still available include: Cartoons, Anime, Prime Time Shows, Gameshows, Daytime Shows, Soap Operas, Sports, Kids Live, and Teen Live.

Free Wav Samples from
Professional and aspiring artists will appreciate this awesome free wav loop offer. serves up a good selection of free wav loop samples. All the samples offered are high quality industry standard 16 bit wav files that are compatible with Acid Pro, Fruity Loops, Sonar, or virtually any other sequencing software or hardware that supports it. All offers are bundled inside .Rar files so you will need to extract them to your hard drive with an extraction utility like WinRar. Sample categories include Drum Loops, One Hits Collection, Various Beat Downloads, Keyboards Collection and Sound FX. There are hundreds of free sample loops in each category. Download sizes vary from 15 to 50 MB so a broadband connection is recommended.

Wav Surfer
Free movie, television and effects wav files abound here in an awesome collection that includes 100's of your favorites including hard to find classic clips. The only drawback here is the quirky java based navigation that is more cool than functional. However, the site is still well worth your time if you're into classic wav files. Navigation tip: To avoid pulling your hair out in clumps, click on "Sound Categories" in the left nav menu when entering site. This will take you directly to the free wav files.

British BBC Free Event Sound Wavs
Here's a collection of free computer event sound comedy wav files from that venerable British media institution known to all as the BBC. There are excerpts from BBC radio and television including goofy weather reports, audience sounds, fake phone, effects like Big Ben's chimes, double decker bus horns and more.
This well done site serves up tons of free wav file downloads in categories that include Movies, Television, Celebrities, Event Sounds, Holidays, Humor, Sound Effects, History and more! Navigation here is antiquated but functional and there are numerous cool sub categories to choose from like Commercials under Television. The only drawback to Wavlist is it hasn't been updated since July 2007, so if you're looking for new wav files you may want to concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

Wise Words by Cool Men
We used to have this site listed a while back and then they moved and we lost track of them. Well, they're back and we're glad to be able to list them again. WWbCM is a cool, free movie wav files resource. While the new version of the site isn't updated as often as it's predecessor, there is still loads of great content to choose from here. One of the features we really like about this site is their unique "Famous One Liners" section. It offers up some of the coolest...and greatest lines ever spoken in movie dialog. If you are a little old school and like to wax the nostalgia, you need to check out this excellent free movie wav files resource. Editors note: The on again, off again update schedule for this site is driving us nuts. As of 10-20-07 the site is not being updated again.

Wave Central
Hooray! Wave Central is now being updated on a regular basis again with the help of their member base. The site has always been one of the best free sound sites on the 'Net, sporting thousands of popular wav files from movies and television. All of their multimedia files ( including tons of free wav files) are databased and categorized -- to make searching and accessing easy. Along with all of the new content, there are still loads of great classic clips here for hard core wav file junkies.

Online since 1999, WavPlanet offers a huge collection of quality wav sound files. Categories here include comedy wavs, movie wavs, television wavs and more. There is also a good selection of midi sound files and event sounds. The site allows registered users to upload their favorite sound files. Please note that while there are a lot of free wav files here, you must register with them to access their themed categories.

Movie Sounds Central
This well done site serves up more than 200 categories of movie themed sound pages...all loaded with cool voice quotes and/or music files. While the site is still called a wav file resource, most of their free offers have actually been reformatted into MP3 files to save on download bandwidth. Unfortunately, like many other old-line wav file sites, it hasn't been updated lately. However, Movie Sounds Central is still online and all listed offer links are working. So, if you're a movie wav file junkie, the site should still be on your short list.

The Wav Source
The Wav Source has been serving up cool, quality free wav files since 2001. While the sites layout and navigation are not the prettiest we've seen in this genre, it does boast a huge archive of categorized wav sound files...with many original offers that are not found elsewhere. Main category headings here include Movie Stars, Movies, People, Television and Various Stuff. Each main category is broken down into sub categories which then list individual wav file links with short concise descriptions. The site is updated with new content on a regular basis so you're likely to find something interesting with each visit. All-in-all, The Wav Source is a quality free wav file resource that is well worth adding to your bookmarks.


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