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Free Stuff for Women

Useful free stuff and samples for women - free fashion catalogs - cosmetics - makeup samples - free perfume and other freebies just for women. We've scurried around the web and found some really cool freebies and samples for women that we think you'll find interesting and useful like free cosmetics - perfume samples - beauty samples - home business opportunities and free women's magazines. Plus, free books for women - free beauty tips and tricks and free personal care product samples like razors - beauty creams hair care items and much more.

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Free Samples, Coupons and More from Vocalpoint for Women
Vocalpoint is a 100% free to join community of moms who help shape product development and placement by sharing their opinions. Registration is totally free and includes benefits like free samples, coupons, product information and much more. U.S. only.

100% Free Cooking Discussion Forum
Here's a free & friendly cooking discussion forum where you can find 100's of easy recipes from real home cooks. In addition to yummy home cooked recipes, they offer two home cooking contests, great dinner ideas for tonight and lively cooking discussion on everything relating to cooking at home.

Free Sample of Always Thin Flexi Style Liner for Women
Flexi Style is Always thinnest, most flexible protection yet. It has flexible edges that fold to fit multiple panty styles and you can wear it any day of the month. Fill out the form to request a free sample of Always Thin Flexi Style Liner. U.S. only.

Free Sample of Astroglide Natural - Personal Lubricant
Astroglide Natural combines all natural plant extracts to create the same long-lasting, never sticky, second only to nature feeling that you've come to expect from Astroglide brand products. Fill out the form to request a free sample of Astroglide Natural. U.S. only.

Free Sample of Boss Orange Fragrances for Women
Boss Orange for women is a complex and inviting fragrance for women that combines uniquely liberating notes. Select either Boss Orange or Boss Orange Sunset, then enter your info to request a free fragrance sample. Worldwide availability.

Free Sample of You-T Natural Cranberry Concentrate Mix for Women
You-T is a clinically-proven cranberry concentrate mix to naturally promote urinary tract health in women. The product is low-calorie, all-natural and offers a great taste. Enter your details to request a free sample. U.S. only.

Free Sample of Sun Chlorella Skin Cream
Sun Chlorella Cream is formulated to protect and revitalize the delicate surface of your skin. It is rich in natural ingredients including cloves, grapefruit seed extract and a purified water base, along with free-radical fighting antioxidants. Enter your details to request a free sample. U.S. only.

Free Sample of NEW Durex Play Lubricants
Play lubricants from Durex can help make your play time better than ever. Fill out the form to request a random sample of either Play More, Play Warmer or Play Tingling personal lubricants from Durex. U.S. and Canada only.

Free Woman's Skin Care Test Kit
This free test kit will help you learn your exact skin type. The information will allow you to get a recommendation for the best skin care regimen suited to a woman's skin. Scroll to the bottom of page and look for the "Get a Free Skin Test Kit" graphic in white box. Click and fill out the form on next page to request a free kit. Available Internationally.

Choose from 3 Free Lacoste Perfume Fragrance Samples
Fill out the form and choose from 3 free Lacoste fragrance samples. The perfume choices are Lacoste Challenge, Touch of Pink, or Love of Pink. U.S. only.

Free "Hot Mom Driving" Magnet
No Kidding - Really! Fill out their form and they will send you a free magnet for your car. This is the "Official Car Magnet for Hottest Mom In America TV show". U.S. only.

Free Offender Look Up
Are you a women worried about who is living in your area and/or who you may be working with? Family Watchdog is a totally free online service for finding information about who is living in your neighborhood or working at your place of business. All you have to do is enter your street name, city and zip code and the service will display a map that details info about all registered offenders living or working in your area. The information includes addresses, photographs, convictions, aliases, descriptions and more. U.S. only.

Free Samples, Manufactures Coupons and More from LUNA
LUNA specializes in nutrition food products for active women. Made with organic ingredients, vitamins to meet the special needs of a women's body, and flavors they love, LUNA makes finding nourishment a bit simpler. Register to receive their newsletter and be the first to hear about free sample offers, manufacture coupons and more. U.S. only.

More About Free Stuff and Samples For Women

Women make up over 80% of the freebie hunters on the internet. Why this is a fact is more mystery than marketing science, but whatever the reasons the amount of free samples and other offers specifically geared to women is astounding. From beauty products to food items to coupons, personal care products, hair color products and much more, women have a bounty of freebies to choose from.

Women can also be rabid when it comes to finding and applying for free samples and other stuff. We’ve actually seen competitions between women that involve what, and how much they’ve received in their mailboxes from day to day. In fact, the term “Freebie Junkie” was coined to describe one such lady in Illinois that had been a freebie hunter for over 10 years. Her bounty over that time frame had amounted to tens of thousands of dollars in free goods and services. Now that’s dedication.

Since most times women handle the household cores in a relationship like shopping, banking, cooking, cleaning make sense that they are more inclined to be attracted to a free offer. Stretching the household budget from month to month has become an art form, especially in today's economy. Any chance to save a dollar here or there is welcome. Free samples fit this bill nicely as they make it easy to try a product before having to buy a full compliment of it. Ninety nine percent of today's households can ill afford to waste any money, let alone throw products away because they don't meet a families needs. This is one reason getting a sample of a product is so important to savvy women shoppers.

While women spend many hours unselfishly caring for their families, they also have specific personal needs of their own. Fortunately, there are many free offers geared directly to, and for them. These include personal care products, feminine care products, beauty products and more. So ladies, we salute you for your diligence in taking such good care of your loved ones. Now sit back and check out some of the great sample and other free offers just for you. Hey, you deserve it! Just know that whether you’re a freebie junkie or just a part time hunter, you’ll always find loads of free offers for women online.


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