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International free stuff - international freebies and samples. Free stuff offers that are good worldwide. Free stuff for residents of Canada - Untied Kingdom - Europe - Asia - Australia - New Zealand - Africa anywhere in the world! Cool International freebies for Canadians - Britons - Asians - Europeans - Africans - Australians and more. Free stuff like freeware - shareware - MP3 music - horoscopes - backgrounds - midi music - greeting cards - online games - game downloads - free samples - sweepstakes - screensavers - desktop themes - language translation and lessons - free ways to make money and more. Please take note of our new dedicated category pages for UK, Canada and Worldwide samples and freebies.

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Canada Canadian Freebies | Canadian Free Stuff | Free Samples for Canadians
All the best freebies good in Canada. Find free samples, free stuff, coupons and freebies for Canadians. If you live, reside in Canada, these Canadian freebies have been specifically hand picked just for you. No more hunt and peck to find free offers that are good in Canada - just browse this page and grab all you can from one convenient resource.
UK UK Freebies - Samples, Coupons and Free Stuff for The United Kingdom
UK freebies, samples and coupons. Residents of the United Kingdom will find this hand picked selection of the best UK free samples, freebies, coupons and free stuff offers very useful. Here you'll find British freebies and samples for everyone in the UK. If you've ever been frustrated by clicking on free stuff offers that are not good in the United Kingdom - check out these offers selected just for UK residents.
worldwide Worldwide Freebies - Samples, Coupons and Free Stuff for The World
All the best worldwide freebies. These worldwide free samples, freebies and coupons are available internationally with no restrictions. No matter where you live in the world, we have loads of cool free stuff just for you. If you're tired of clicking on freebies that are not good in your country, you'll appreciate these hand picked international offers specially selected for our worldwide visitors.

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Get Free Samples, Discounts and Contests Sent Directly to Your Inbox sifts through all the different free samples, discounts or contests available to give you the best selection of what the internet has to offer. Sign-up for free and you'll receive one or two emails and a weekly newsletter so you can choose which offers you want to take advantage of.
Free Samples in Canada continuously searches the net for the best free samples from the largest to smallest companies alike. These companies are looking to bring light to their products and will reward you with samples, discounts, coupons or sweepstakes entries. Register for free to access free samples in Canada.

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Join American Consumer Opinion for free and get paid cash to complete online surveys. Typically $4 to $25 for each survey you complete! Evaluate new products, test new advertising, and tell companies what you like, don't like, and want in the future.

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The Global Economy's Effect on International - Worldwide Freebies and Samples
2008 -- By CoolFreebieLinks

With the advent of the Global Economy, international - worldwide freebies and samples have become more and more prevalent. It is not uncommon now for companies to make product sample offers available to every country in the world. After all, why wouldn't they? If a free sample campaign works in one part of the world, why wouldn't it work internationally? The fact is, it does! That is why freebies and samples have skyrocketed on a global scale. Especially with the Internet coming into play as a global, fiscally advantageous, 24/7 marketing tool. Companies are now able to market, sell, take orders and communicate with customers around the world like never before, and for less cost. As companies gain new market share in regions they had previously ignored, they need new tools to reach customers and create interest or buzz for their products on an international scale. Samples and freebies are a perfect tool to do just that.

The amount of freebies and samples currently available online, worldwide, is growing rapidly and changes constantly. This is because companies are continually developing new product lines - and samples are a great way to create worldwide consumer interest or buzz for them. By giving away freebies internationally, a manufacturer can accomplish a number of marketing tasks for that product. This includes feedback about the sample like usability, brand acceptance, price placement and more. This consumer feedback is very cost effective and extremely valuable for product research and development. The information gained is especially important to a company trying to break into a new international market region. Taking into account what a company receives in return for offering a worldwide free product sample - understanding why they do it becomes crystal clear.

Another factor in the growth of worldwide - international samples and freebies, is that so-called "developing" countries are beginning to gain strong footholds in the global marketplace for their products. This not only creates additional free sample campaigns, but also greatly increases that countries cache of personal disposable income. As wealth around the world increases, so do the opportunities for companies to market new product lines previously unattainable by emerging populations. New product lines -- equals new sample campaigns. The bottom line is that this increase in freebies and samples is a worldwide win-win for everyone concerned.

CoolFreebieLinks is proud to be a small part of this worldwide freebie and sample explosion and we intend to work hard to bring as many quality offers to our international visitors as possible.

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