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Free sports stuff - Sports freebies and samples like energy drinks - posters - stickers - sweatshirts - DVDs - games - magazines and more. Ok all you arm chair quarterbacks, this ones just for you! If you're into baseball - basketball - football - wrestling - golf - tennis - fishing - extreme or any sport, you're going to love this sports freebies category. We've scoured the Internet to come up with the best free stuff relating to sports, sporting events and amateur athletes. Cool sports stuff including contests, energy drinks, sports related screensavers and desktop wallpaper, golf equipment, outdoor sport stuff and more.

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Always Sports Themes - Free Sports Desktop Themes
Offers a huge collection of free quality sport related desktop themes, wallpaper, screensavers, skins and more!

Free Sample Sheet of LongShot Golf Impact Recorder Labels
LongShot Impact Recorder labels have become the number one teaching, training and club fitting aid in golf. The product has a non-damaging adhesive which sticks to the club face and is extremely useful in recording the impact of a golf swing, helping to resolve stance and grip issues through practice. Fill out the form to request a free sample sheet of LongShot Golf Impact Recorder Labels. U.S. only.

Play The Free All-New Fantasy Game is offering an all new fantasy game with loads of cool exclusive features like Video Highlights, Enhanced Game Center Live Scoring, Mobile Phone Access, Customized League and Scoring Settings and much more. Sign-up only takes 2 minutes and is 100% totally free! U.S. only.

Free Sample of Red Zone Workout Supplement and a $5 Coupon
This revolutionary hardcore fat burner not only boosts calorie burn, but also extends your workouts and increases your power. Fill out the form to request a free sample of Red Zone workout supplement and also get a $5 off coupon good for your next purchase. U.S. only.

Free Trailer Ball Cover from BoatUS
Complete the form by telling them about a boat ramp that they can include in their database. Give them as much information as you can, and for your trouble, they'll send you a unique BoatUS Trailering Club trailer ball cover. U.S. only.

Free Pair of Customized Nike Sneakers
Nike sneakers have always been cool. Now they're even cooler with the release of the NEW NikID line that lets you design your own customized shoe. Follow the directions here and get a free pair of personally designed NikID sneakers. Choose from loads of colors, styles, sports and more to make your NikeID's look and feel just the way you want. U.S. only.

Free Sample of Revvida Energy Drink
This product incorporates caffeine and guarana for immediate energy, but also adds cutting edge ingredients like vitamins. Fill out their form and request a free sample that comes in a dry powder individual serving packet. U.S. only.

Free Pair of Skechers Shape-up Sneakers for Women
Designed to simulate walking on soft sand, Shape-ups feature a unique soft kinetic wedge insert and dynamic rolling bottom that helps you tone your muscles and lose weight while you walk. Follow the instructions here and get a free pair of Skechers Shape-up sneakers for women. U.S. only.

Free Sample of Playtex Sport Tampons
Playtex Tampons have been a trusted name in feminine protection for over 25 years. Find out why with a free sample of their new Sport product. Wait for the intro to load, then click on the "Free Sample" graphic. Fill out the form on the following page to request a free sample. U.S. only.

Free Samples of Dorian Yates Nutrition Bodybuilding Supplements
This new line of bodybuilding supplements comprising of 4 products (NOXPUMP, CRXCUT, TEMPRO and FORMASS) delivers over 75 benefits. Enter your information to request the free sample your interested in. U.S. only.

Free Sample of Storm & Shock Therapy from Universal Nutrition
Storm & Shock Therapy are two natural supplements developed by Universal Nutrition that help to power you through bodybuilding workouts. Both products will leave you pumped, energized and ready to grow. Fill out the form to request a free sample. U.S. only.

Free Subscription to Sports Illustrated
No one covers sports like SI. Get a free 12 month subscription to the best sports magazine on the market. Follow the directions here and get all the news about your favorite teams, trades, injuries, accomplishments and more. Plus, a bonus of their famous swimsuit issue.

Free Sample of Lift Off Energy Drink
This new energy drink is portable and comes in the form of a powdered packet that you can mix with water. They claim it contains beneficial levels of herbal ingredients and vitamins. Fill out their form and get a free sample. U.S. and Canada only.

Free NASCAR T-shirt
Itís a race until the finish, donít miss your chance to get the NASCAR T-shirt of your choice, plus a $100 Visa gift card by following the directions here. U.S. only.

Free Sample of EAS Myoplex Shake or Myoplex Bar with Coupon
Myoplex is the essential core in performance nutrition for hard-training fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Look for the "Get a Free Sample" link on the bottom right of page. Click and fill out the form on the next page, (Note: be sure to mark the "Are you interested in receiving a Free EAS Sample?" radio button at the bottom of the form") then click "Submit". You'll then be redirected to a page where you can print out a coupon that you can redeem at you local store for either free sample. U.S. only.

Free Extreme Motor Sports Racing Stickers
Visit Fox Racing Shox and select from 5 extreme racing sports: Bike, ATV, Moto, Off-road and Snow. Choose the sticker you want by clicking the graphic. Fill out the form on the next page to request your free stickers. U.S. only.

Free Gear Up Sticker
Gear Up is a free service to help encourage people to wear proper protective gear when riding a motorcycle or scooter. Fill out the form to request a free Gear Up sticker. U.S. only.

Free Sample of Beyond BodiHeat Pain Patch
BodiHeat pain patch is an air activated heat pad that provides continuous, low-level heat to relax your sore, aching muscles and relieves your back pain, joint pain, stiff neck and shoulder. It is an easy and economical way to improve your active lifestyle. Fill out the form to request a free sample. U.S. only.


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