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Free bumper stickers, posters, and other free promotional materials. We don't know what it is about bumper stickers and posters but everyone loves getting them for free. We have seen them plastered on everything from cars to computers. We've tracked down a ton of free sticker and poster freebies and listed them here. From free bumper stickers for Web sites and other numerous ad campaigns to movie, TV, radio, celebrity and public awareness posters, you'll find a bevy of free offers here sure to quell even the most avid free sticker and poster junkies habit. Please note: We do not endorse, nor are we responsible, or affiliated with, any slogans on these offers.

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Free Sticker - Real Men Wear Kilts
Celebrate your Celtic/Scottish cultural heritage while helping to promote the Brobdingnagian Bards with free stickers that read Real Men Wear Kilts! SASE required. See site for complete details. U.S. only.

Free "I Pledge to Support Human Rights" Bumper Sticker
The Human Rights Initiative is offering a free bumper sticker to anyone who registers and takes a pledge to support human rights. Look for the big blue circle on the left. Click and enter your info on the next page to request the free sticker. U.S. only.

Free Crazy Bands - 5 Pack
Crazy Bands are custom GLOW IN THE DARK rubber band bracelets. They come in loads of assorted animal colors and shapes. Follow directions and get a free 5-pack of Crazy Bands. U.S. only.

Free Epic Outfit Grenade Sticker
Epic Outfit is offering a free 8'x3" sticker in the shape of a grenade. Email them at sales[at] to request the free sticker. Note: be sure to replace the [at] with an @ in the address above. U.S. only.

Free Potty Sticker Charts
Sticker charts can help motivate toddlers to use the potty. Visit this site and print these colorful sticker charts out from your computer for free. Use them with your own stickers, or get kid's stickers from your local store.

Free Pipeline Surfing Stickers
Pipeline offers products, stories and travel info on all things having to do with surfing. Register with them and get a free pack of stickers. U.S. only.

Free "My Other Car is a Rockbus" Bumper Sticker
The mission of this sticker program is to help reduce the environmental impact caused by multiple single cars driving to the same rock concert location. Enter your details to request a free sticker. U.S. only.

Free Pet Safety Decal
This free decal helps alert rescuers to pets inside your home, which could give your beloved family members a fighting chance. Scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form to request a free pet safety decal. U.S. only.

Free Glass Is Full Decal
Are you an optimist? Enter your details here to request a free Glass Is Full decal. U.S. only.

Free "I Served" Stickers is offering these free stickers as a way to encourage those who see them to express a simple "thank you" for the men and women who served our country in Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq. Enter your details to request the free stickers. U.S. only.

Free First Aid for Eye Emergencies Sticker
Prevent Blindness America is offering a free copy of their Halloween Safety Tips booklet and a First Aid for Eye Emergencies sticker. Enter your details to request this free offer. U.S. only.

Free World Vegetarian Day Poster
The North American Vegetarian Society is offering free World Vegetarian Day posters to help spread the word about Vegetarian Awareness Month. Enter your details to request the free poster (up to ten per person). U.S. only.

Free Term Limits Bumper Sticker
This offer is from Citizens for Term Limits which supports specific term limits for politicians. Fill out the form to request a free bumper sticker. U.S. only.

Free "I'm not lost!" Stickers
Get a free set of 5 "I'm not lost!" stickers from Enter your info to request the free stickers. U.S. only.

Free Annoy Conservatives Bumper Stickers
Select from six free bumper sticker offers with considerable left leaning messages. No political snipping please - we only list the offers - we don't aspire to them. Fill out the form to request the free sticker you want. U.S. only.

Free Stickers is a NEW T-shirt site that offers independent artist designs. Complete the form to request some cool free alien logo stickers. U.S. only.

Free Gear Up Sticker
Gear Up is a free service to help encourage people to wear proper protective gear when riding a motorcycle or scooter. Fill out the form to request a free Gear Up sticker. U.S. only.

Free Backcountry Goat Stoke Stickers is dedicated to being the best online retailer of the best built outdoor and backcountry gear on the planet. Fill out the form to request free Goat Stoke stickers. U.S. only.

Free Clean Power Now Stickers
Help promote renewable power resources like wind, solar, and geothermal by displaying one of these free stickers. Fill out the form to request yours. U.S. only.

Free Sample of Simplistick Removable Wall Stickers
The materials in Simplistick stickers will adhere to almost any surface in your home or office without having to worry about damaging the walls and are perfect for people in all stages of life. Look for the "free sample" link on top right of page. Click & choose the sample you want and fill out the form to request a free sample of Simplistick removable wall stickers. U.S. only.

Free Vegetarian Information Posters
What we eat impacts the well being of ourselves, animals and the planet. Share the facts in your community by displaying this informative poster. Look for the green "Order Poster" button on right of page. Click and fill out the form to request your free poster. U.S. only.

Free "Don't Snort It" Sticker, Plus a Sample of J&Dís Bacon Salt
J&Dís Bacon Salt is a seasoning product that you sprinkle on food to make it taste like bacon. They are currently running a totally tongue-in-cheek campaign about individuals abusing their product. Having the idiotic sense of humor we do, we found the campaign info hilarious, so we listed the front page so you can view the whole campaign. If you just want to order the free sample & sticker, bypassing the other stuff, look for the "Get Involved" button link on the top of the page. There you will find an email link to request the free offer. U.S. only.

Free Stickers from PetaKids
These free stickers from PetaKids offer cool new ways for kids to spread the word about animal rights. There are 8 designs in this free package that include slogans like "Animal Testing Breaks Hearts" and "Chains Are for Bikes, Not Dogs". All are on colorful backgrounds. Look for the "Kids" link on top right of page. Click and scroll top the bottom of the next page. Look for the "Free Stickers" graphic on the scrolling menu. Click and fill out the form to request your free stickers. U.S. only.

Free ConservingNow Static Window Cling
This static cling is perfect for car windows and has the message "Make a Difference - Bring Your Own Bag". Fill out the form at ConservingNow to request yours. U.S. only.

Free Extreme Motor Sports Racing Stickers
Visit Fox Racing Shox and select from 5 extreme racing sports: Bike, ATV, Moto, Off-road and Snow. Choose the sticker you want by clicking the graphic. Fill out the form on the next page to request your free stickers. U.S. only.

Free No Farms No Food Bumper Sticker
The American Farmland Trust is offering a free bumper sticker to help spread the word about the importance of maintaining farm land. Fill out the form to request a free "No Farms No Food" bumper sticker. U.S. only.

Free Animal Fighting Reward Posters and Stickers from the Humane Society
Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the email link. Send the HSUS an email and request in the body they send you animal fighting reward posters and stickers. They request you display them prominently throughout your community or wherever you suspect illegal dog fighting is occurring. U.S. only.

Free Reflective Sticker in ADT Child Safety Kit
This free safety kit form ADT is filled with loads of tips and advice to keep kids safe at home, at play, and even online. The kit included a cool fingerprint kit, a magnet, a reflective sticker for kids to wear in the dark, fun games and more. Fill out the form to request a free ADT Child Safety Kit. U.S. only.

Free "Life's a Dog" Bumper Sticker
Fill out the simple form and request a free round "Life's a Dog" bumper sticker with a cute cartoon dog graphic. U.S. only.

Free Personalized Gift Labels from Kahlua
Visit the Kahlua website and design your very own 100% free, unique personalized bottle labels. You can create the labels online by adding up to 5 lines of unique text and then preview it. After creation, they will mail them to you at no cost. The customized labels on a bottle of Kahlua make very cool gifts for any occasion. U.S. only.

Free sticker from ASPCA
Get a free Pet Rescue Alert sticker by filling out their from. The sticker is in card form and helps to alert people that pets are inside your home in the event of an emergency. U.S. and Canada only.

Free "War is Not the Answer" Bumper Sticker
This free offer is from The Friends Committee on National Legislation which is a Quaker lobby group in Washington DC. Fill out their form to request your free bumper sticker. U.S. only.

Free Pro-Vegetarian Poster
This free offer from Compassion Over Killing is intended to encourage people to choose compassion at every meal. Fill out the form and request a free ďSee Her as More Than a MealĒ poster. U.S. only.

Free Spider Identification Chart
This free very useful offer is from and is for a free handy full color chart that includes pictures of spiders and their habitat information. The chart groups local spiders in three sections: Deadly - Dangerous, Toxic - Painful and Low Risk. They also email you first aid tips for spider bites. This is a must have freebie for anyone living in an area with dangerous spiders. Click on your country flag, then on the "Apply online" link on top of page. Fill out the form to request the free chart.U.S., Canada and Australia only.

Free Stickers from Bigwords
Bigwords is a website that specializes in finding inexpensive text books for students of all ages. Look for the "stickers.." text under "downloads". Click the link and fill out the form to request free stickers. U.S. only.

Free Union Made Bumper Sticker was founded in 1992 to promote union label wearables to unions, political campaigns, government agencies, and socially responsible organizations. Fill out their form and get a free "What Part of UNION MADE Don't You Understand" U.S. only.

Free "Give Wildlife a Brake" Bumper Sticker
This free offer is from the U.S. Humane Society. It is indented to help spread the word about driving more carefully during the spring and fall, when many animals are most active. Fill out their form and get a free "Give Wildlife a Brake" bumper sticker. U.S. only.

U.S. Geological Survey - Free Poster
They're offering free posters for kids. Visit the site for details as you either have to write to them...or call their 1-800 number. U.S. only.

Free Christian Bumper Sticker
Send them a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) and get a free 3" by 11" bumper sticker "Jesus Is Coming". Limit 2 stickers per request.

Free No Fear Sticker
Look for the "Free Sticker" link on top right of page. Click and fill out the form to receive a free No Fear sticker and be entered into a contest to win a $500 shopping spree for No Fear products. U.S. only.

Little Africa - Free Stickers
Fill out their form and choose from three different free stickers - "Got Jesus?", "Yes I'm Black - No I'm Not a Criminal" and "Character Not Color". U.S. only.


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