Galaxy Vs. iPhone

Samsung and Apple are both active players within the smartphone market, having significant shares as well. Both have their advantages as well as disadvantages, and it depends on the user which smartphone they ultimately decide to buy.

Some of the pros and cons of having an iPhone and a Galaxy are listed below:

Advantages of having an iPhone:

  • Quality of hardware: Apple provides a better variety of equipment with the enhanced build. The phone will function the way it does for a few years until Apple decides to release a new update for its iOS. This significant update will then make the phone lag, making you want to replace it.
  • Security: Apple has its proprietary operating system and is a closed environment. Thus, due to iOS, iPhones are considered to be more secure than Android-based phones.
  • Apple’s ecosystem: For those users who prefer using Apple products, such as iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads, among others, Apple offers some unique and enhanced syncing capabilities. If one is working on a particular Apple device and wants to switch to another, it can be very quickly done as all the data is already synced.
  • Status Symbol: For many, owning an iPhone is considered to be a status symbol. Users take great pride in owning an Apple product.

Disadvantages of having an iPhone:

  • Price factor: iPhones are costly. Owing to the brand name, the features, proprietary software, as well as hardware iPhone prices, go up. This makes it unaffordable for a lot of people.
  • Hardware restrictions: The hardware is both a boon as well as a bane for Apple. iPhones have fixed storage space for their phones, wherein SD expansion is not supported. Apple charges high costs for its phones, having a higher storage capacity.
  • No scope for customization: The operating system, iOS, does not give any scope for customization. The layout comes pre-programmed into the phones. Additional themes cannot be added to the phones.
  • iTunes: This is mandatory software for syncing content to your devices. One cannot plug an iPhone into a PC.

Pros and Cons of having a Samsung Galaxy:

Samsung smartphones are programmed with Android operating systems. It so seems that the cons of an iPhone are the pros for Samsung smartphones. Samsung is known for making high displays with super AMOLED displays. These provide great quality viewing features for photos as well as videos. When it comes to mobile computing and web browsing things are very comparable and many apps even adult sex dating apps like are available on both mobile operating systems.

As compared to Apple’s iPhones, Samsung’s Galaxy is cheaper and affordable. A Samsung phone has a starting price of INR 8,000/- while an Apple phone can go up to INR 70,000/-. This factor makes it accessible for a large part of the population. The cheapest iPhone currently available in the market is a four-year-old iPhone 5S, which has 16 GB memory space.


These factors will hopefully help you decide between Galaxy and iPhone, and the brand that suits you the best. Moreover, depending upon your financial capabilities, you can select the smartphone which fulfills all your requirements.