Mobile computing is a technology through which people can share information from the mobile to the computer or vice versa. The data can be transferred without physically connecting the devices. The mobile computing technology majorly involves three concepts:

  • Mobile communication
  • Mobile software
  • Mobile hardware


Mobile computing first came into the lights in the year 1990. The devices which were first implemented on mobile computing technology were two-way radios. These two-way radios were used to communicate with the computers which were three inches long with the help of large antennas. These three-inch-long computers were able to perform all those tasks a normal personal computer can do. People at that time didn’t see a laptop being connected through a static hotspot network. People were used to see the police officers communicating with each other with the help of two-way radios with large antennas over them. But, at present, people are getting more and more involved in mobile computing technology. We say that a person is using mobile computing when he/she will be sharing information without being physically connected to the other device. The sharing can be done with or without the internet.

People at that time thought to make the use of mobile computing technology easier. They did this by launching portable devices in the market which were capable of doing wireless communication. The mobile computing technology has been said as the most overwhelming technology for the business as well as for personal use. The introduction of computers and laptops brought a drastic change in the computing industry. In earlier times, machines of very big size were used for doing small tasks. But, at present, a small microprocessor can do big tasks within minutes.


Mobile computing technology revolves around devices like smartphones, tablets, palmtops, laptops, etc. These devices are also known as personal digital assistants. At present, mobile phones have become part of our life. We cannot survive even one day without our smartphones. We people have become too much used to these devices. This is so because these devices offer many flexible features. One of them is mobile computing. Another is browsing the web from anywhere, meaning you can view adult sites to find a local fuck wherever you may be and swipe on dating apps. At present, almost all devices come with the facility of Bluetooth as well as wireless internet connectivity interfaces. These facilities provide users very good access to the internet.


In the year 1970, Alan Kay had a view of the portable computers. Alan Kay was a researcher at the very famous Xerox PARC. The Alan Kay named his computer model as Dynabook. But his model didn’t get a cardboard model. Alan Kay had to face many funding issues by the Xerox. That’s why the Dynabook couldn’t get developed.


As said above, PDA devices have made a drastic change in mobile computing. Just because of these devices, people started taking an interest in mobile computing. This is so because these devices are portable, easy to use and carry. People can browse the internet, share information, can do video conferencing, can watch online videos, take photographs, send as well as receive emails, etc. Anywhere, anytime.

This increase in the use of portable digital assistants became a catalyst for market shares. The manufacturers started manufacturing new smartphones and devices which can perform all the functions and tasks which are performed by the normal personal computers. After the modifications in functions and the appearance of the smartphones, the manufacturers started emphasizing on the speed of the smartphones. The new smartphones had been launched and are still launching with new functions, more security and more processing speed. The manufacturers like Apple, Blackberry, Android are continuously developing themselves for delivering the best products to their customers.

The manufacturing of personal digital assistants increased the demand of customers. People started using these devices for their personal as well as for their professional use. The manufactures started collaborating with other vendors too for improving their services. For example, the vendors which provide cellular services were forced to make more subscribers or customers. For this, they started giving new offers to their customers. The offers had been provided in different ways. For example, in the form of high-speed internet data, video as well as voice service. Just because of this, the evolution of internet speed has also started. From 2G, 3G, 4G networks.


As said above, after the increase in the demand for smartphones, the new smartphones with different features have also launched. One of the features of smartphones was the size. The smartphones of big and bigger size started to launch in the market.

However, the tablets are larger as compared to smartphones. Along with the larger size, these devices touch screens. They are also operated by the pens. These devices have the shape of slates. They are thinner as well as light in weight. For example, iPads, blackberry playbooks, galaxy tabs, etc. These devices provide the same functions which are provided by a personal computer. These devices are said to be very efficient for computing. The processing speed of these devices is said the same as the horsepower.


Here are the latest trends in mobile computing at present. They are listed below:

  • 3G
  • GPS (Global positioning system)
  • LTE (Long term evolution)
  • WiMAX
  • Near field communication


Mobile computing technology has emerged as a boon for the people. This technology has evolved itself very immensely over a long period. In earlier times, there was no internet and people were used to do computing from one place only. But at present, people can share information with the people miles away from them within seconds. Mobile computing technology is still developing itself. People were used to the 2G networks. This internet speed was enough for us. But at present, we can’t live without the 4G network. If we use 2G network at present, then we will get frustrated. Mobile computing technology is successfully fulfilling the needs of the people. …

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