Finding the Best Customization Apps for Android

In the recent days, even though the use of android is becoming less and less each day. But still, it is the open platform that its rivals. You can utilize different applications that can alter your experience of using a smartphone on the internet. You can modify your email application or your launcher for experiencing various experiences. You can also try various manner in customizing your android device by using different customization applications available nowadays. 

What are the best android customization applications?


This is one of the powerful applications which you can utilize to automate different types of jobs or tasks. It operates among six hundred types of applications. You can possess various things and many recipes on the web. IFTTT personalizes the stuff than how it appears on the phone consisting of thousand recipes and compatible applications. It is the free application without any advertisements and in app purchases. 

  • MIUI-ify

It is the customization application with small elements which enables your device to appear as the devices of MIUI style. It involves complete colour customization and fast settings which is displayed at the screen bottom and icon packs etc. You can entirely customize your device and can sum up with small tricks of customization. It offers a solid experience to your device in customizing it. This can be valuable if you want to disguise certain applications on your mobile device. Maybe you want to change the name and widget appearance of a free sex site like Meet and Fuck UK. You don’t need anyone who might be peering over your shoulder to see that you’re on a casual dating app. So this little customization tool has more than just aesthetic purposes.

  • Navigation gestures

A new gesture of navigation system was introduced by android pie. This customization application can omit the bar of navigation in a series of swipes and gestures. Every activity is personalized with different number of gestures made as you can swipe from different positions from different sides without any holding. You can utilize it in your recent application buttons, home and back. The premium version of this application adds the support for the quick settings, notification, screenshots, and media controls etc. 

  • Substratum or synergy

These both are the theme frameworks for the devices of android. They utilize overlay manager system of android to customize your device. The substratum or synergy are the complicated software parts. These both operate without having any root on the devices of android. You can experience these both platforms on android Oreo with the root. You can find different themes in the store of google play which operate with these platforms. There is a variation in the cost but these both are not costly. These both are extraordinary applications of customization. 

  • Tasker

It is the strongest application present in the store of google play which can do any task. It can make fresh actions, automate tasks, and other types of tasks etc. This application is not a simple one to utilize as there are many applications with direct offering tasker support. 

It is the prominent application of customization where you can find decent wallpapers and pictures. It brings the notification tones, alarm tones, and ringtones. You also might find extraordinary songs, sound effects, and other information. You can also upload your personal website of zedge if you want something to share to individuals. It is the good application with best notification tones and ringtones which are not needed to be created. It is the best customization application for personalizing your device of android. 

  • Tapet

This is one of the best applications with good wallpapers and it is a unique one. This application contains wide variety of patterns and every pattern is customizable. You can pick the colours and reload the pattern for variety of variant where the wallpapers are big which should be able to work on any displays of highest resolution. It operates as a great customization application as each wallpaper is configurable. This application pro version is cheap yet in app purchases are optional. 

  • Sharedr

The best and unique customization application is sharedr. It deals with things which you share with the coming prompt. This prompt displays the application lists with the random list of your contacts which are favourite. Here, you can only personalize the applications you need and eliminate the contacts which are random. You might require some work to set this application. But this application shares information in easy way when you set up this app to customize your android device based on your preferences. You can get this application for free of cost with no in app purchases and no advertisements.